Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A perfect freehand circle

Unfortunately freehand circle drawing doesn't get near as much press as I think it should. While watching a Posautive video I noticed another video, World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion. Mr Overwijk's drawing was disappointing because it's not a perfect circle, though I admire him for at least being conscious that this is possible and for making the effort. Searching the web for the real life event, for a truly perfect freehand circle, brought me to this article in the Ottawa Citizen, Glebe math teacher circles the web.

Maybe there's a metaphor here about the quest to fulfill a "grand design", to create an ideal society. Maybe not. But anyone who's willing to exchange their compass for the "feat" of drawing a freehand circle is a-okay with me.

Edit: thought I better double-check my 'certainty':