Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A perfect freehand circle

Unfortunately freehand circle drawing doesn't get near as much press as I think it should. While watching a Posautive video I noticed another video, World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion. Mr Overwijk's drawing was disappointing because it's not a perfect circle, though I admire him for at least being conscious that this is possible and for making the effort. Searching the web for the real life event, for a truly perfect freehand circle, brought me to this article in the Ottawa Citizen, Glebe math teacher circles the web.

Maybe there's a metaphor here about the quest to fulfill a "grand design", to create an ideal society. Maybe not. But anyone who's willing to exchange their compass for the "feat" of drawing a freehand circle is a-okay with me.

Edit: thought I better double-check my 'certainty':

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hominid update

One of my favourite sites is Kennis & Kennis where I just noticed their newest addition: Complete Neanderthals. I've been hoping for years that these guys would do this.

I have a longstanding interest in all hominids, including us moderns. I gather this interest in physical characteristics and differences is called morphology. The Diva is interested in morphology too so I know I'm not kooky or anything.

Above is a half finished model of A. afarensis, dubbed "Alphie". Alphie didn't survive the most recent 'sculpture purge'. I think her terracotta remains are resting in a Michigan landfill. Her replacement is more than half finished, this time in Plastillina, a rubbery professional sculpting clay. Visible in the background is this model (below), which a few people have also seen before (sorry, it's a slow process).

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Erasure of Autistics

Did someone say "Chimera"? See Michelle's post re today's Toronto opening of the theatre production "Chimera".

This isn't the first time Toronto (or "the world") has seen Chimera and autism mentioned in the same breath. The Chimera was once the mascot of The Autism Project, Ontario, beginning 1999. The original graphic:

This reminds me of Autism Ontario's former "Cycle for Autism" logo, which is a clear example of how autistics who produce anything useful are promptly removed from the equation, are given no credit whatsoever. The original concept/graphic (mine):