Friday, January 20, 2017

What would L do?

Every time I'm forced to run the xyz course (previous post), I ask myself what another autistic might do in this situation (any of several who I've known personally). Faced with misdirection, obfuscation and/or outright false information (amongst others), I think the answer in most cases would be: have a meltdown.

By now I'm also aware that many or most professionals employ misdirection, obfuscation and false information as a matter of course. If the client/patient is in a sense blind, then they are dependent on the professional to help them see - and see only what the professional wants them to see.

While it's likely I'm missing something glaringly obvious (yep), the ultimate end, as I experienced with Dr B, might be this: trust can be demanded.

Pretty sure I disagree.

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