Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dr C: "a real joker"

I'd be in big trouble if I suggested Drs A-G are anything but perfect and all-powerful. At least in my experience, they never make mistakes, ever.

On my first visit to Dr C's office the receptionist exclaimed, "I'm a Christian!"

As a former Christian I almost said, "You can get help for that," but held my tongue.

The receptionist assured me that Dr C is, "a real joker".

When I informed Dr C that he was hurting me, he smiled.

"A real joker."

Dr C's supervisor, Dr D (a researcher), assured me that my concerns are trivial. A government hot line characterized Dr C's actions as "assault".

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that Dr C's actions were also fraud.

Just today: the fraud line officer refused to give her name or even her worker number: "This is an anonymous service."

Ms Anonymous was also incredulous and I think a bit nervous: 'I've never reported a doctor before!'

Maybe someone should?

As usual, the roller coaster boards here:

The fraud line referred me to x, x referred me to y, y referred me to z (yes, this is correct), and z referred me to the relevant insurance office:

The receptionist, K, was very nice but did seem caught off guard. Like everyone else, K needed coaching from off stage but finally decided to respond.

K took the relevant information and asked me to hold while she transferred me to the 'fraud office', currently known only as "her".

No wait, someone changed their mind. K informed me that she would pass this information to "her", who might phone me back for additional information.

I recalled (from a credible source) that all (most?) professional associations are "entirely self-serving". Likewise at least some government-mandated organizations appear to be political bodies of a different kind - or of the same kind. Insurance organizations - are beyond my experience.

Then I caught myself: does this particular organization even have a fraud office/officer/agent? A search of their web site returns - nothing.

Things that make you go, hmmmm...

Afterthought: K also laughingly agreed that "gossip" (my word; aka breach of confidentiality) is an acceptable standard in any profession and any level of office.

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