Friday, November 11, 2016

Dr T's office

A year after my first and only appointment with Dr T:

Trisha [office staff; phone message; story one]: "For some strange reason the Ministry [of Health] doesn't seem to have you registered as a patient at all with us so I just need you to swing by the office and sign a new enrollment form."

I phoned and asked for more information.

Kylie [office staff; story two]: "We're not entirely sure what happened. The Ministry of Health contacted us, the error was on their end."

I pointed out that the papers I originally signed would be in my file.

[on hold]

Kylie [story three]: "The papers have changed a little bit so we need you to sign a new one."

[on hold]

Kylie [story four]: "The Ministry doesn't have you registered with us. We faxed them your original signed document. Billing keeps bouncing back."

I said I would talk to the Ministry myself.

The Ministry of Health referred me to Health Care Connect:

Robert [accessing Ministry of Health database]: 'Yes, you are registered with Dr T: address, phone, fax.'

I advised Dr T's office:

Kylie [story five]: "We need you to sign a new enrolment form. You're not coming up as a patient on our system here."

Kylie: "Don't worry you can still come see us, we can't deny you health care."

[on hold]

I asked whether or not one of their stories might be false.

Trisha: "Yes, it's false! The papers are exactly the same; we just need you to sign a new one. Sir, we've told you several times - we don't have time for this!"

Trisha: 'We are no longer your family doctor.'

I went looking for a straight answer, and got one:

Karen [Community Care Access Centre]: "It's a yearly renewal form."

Thank you, Karen.

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