Thursday, November 29, 2007

One half of one thing I can't resist

Prometheus has blogged The Alternate RNA Universe and I have a chance (and inspiration from a great post) to tackle a section of DNA (which I've been meaning to do since, oh, '79):


  1. This reminded me of a blog post I recently read (and I could have sworn it was at but I can't find it there or anywhere) that pointed me to this tattoo, (part of this set of tattoos). Maybe I should get you to design my next tattoo - though I'm hoping I won't be waiting 28 years to justify it......

  2. Great comment, informative *and* beautiful. Now I'm too engrossed in reading/viewing to reply. :)

    Good thing this is an arts blog, I don't have to feel guilty that my "bases" and "codons" are arranged randomly - I'd forgotten about that, thanks for the reminder - or that my twist isn't asymmetrical (something I did think of).

    Design yes, apply no (you didn't suggest I apply it but the subject conjures the idea - didn't we discuss this earlier, about reading-into what people say? [grin]) - I might make a good tattoo artist but applying something permanent to someone's skin is not something I'm willing to do. :)

    Love the "swallows" idea, they're way cool...


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