Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Burnt sulfur should smell like roses!"

But it doesn't. It smells like rotten eggs. This is a useful summary (for me) about what's wrong with arguments-of-denial in autism. Put another way: "There's the way it oughta be, and there's the way it is."

I've been thinking about the failed 'conversion' (to prevailing autism advocacy standards) at "The Crux of the Matter" blog. The author, "Sandy", falls in with the wrong company (a prominent autism advocacy spindoctor) and suddenly there's room for only one side to the story. A well known and very polite autistic person, jypsy, is barred from commenting - and the whole thing comes crashing down (the post and comments are removed). Those who are interested can find more details in this post by Steve D ("One Dad's Opinion" blog) and another of the deleted comments here

Since that episode I've been admiring Skeptico's Bingo Night! post - and have now linked (at right) to those skepticism blogs that I've noticed only in passing (while being overwhelmed by everything else). Likewise's Curbie Bingo. Considering the now predictable contributions of people like Fredericton, New Brunswick lawyer Harold L. Doherty, I would add a square: "newspaper science".

More to say but I'll leave that for another post. The comments here have been turned off for a while (I wouldn't have been able to deal with them), now they're back on.


  1. *grins* I hadn't spotted the curbie bingo cards on the site before - I'll have to print some for future use...

  2. It's never too late to discover (and appreciate; or play) the classics! :)

    Before I'm accused of being a heartless monster (by someone who's never actually read the Curebie Bingo page), an excerpt from the footnote:

    I hope that this game serves its purpose: To allow a needed humor break for anti-cure people (especially but I suppose not limited to autistics) in the middle of tiresome and depressing discussions.



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