Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Bay of Fundy Blog"

Not many blogs make my pulse quicken. Terri McCulloch's Bay of Fundy Blog definitely made my heart jump (you'll recall it's somewhere in New Brunswick), first because of the concept drawings here and here in her series of posts on "tidal energy".

Not much I can write that Terri hasn't mentioned already. Such as: it's a bit tricky to get your head around exactly what 100 billion tonnes of seawater looks like filling and emptying the bay twice a day. Add the concept of turbines poised within that environment... no wonder so many autistics are engineers. [sigh]


  1. You are tooooo cruel posting that link! I'm drooling with pent up taste buds!

  2. Hi mcewen

    I know. I'm trying not to think of dulse but it's not working. There's a difference between fresh-dried and those mean little bags of commercial stuff. It's supposed to be slightly rubbery. [sigh]

  3. Hey Ralph,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog on your blog and for your generous compliments. I'm happy to provide you with one more connection 'home'.
    Kind regards,
    P.S. email me with your address and I'll send ye some dulse, lad!


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