Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hominid update

One of my favourite sites is Kennis & Kennis where I just noticed their newest addition: Complete Neanderthals. I've been hoping for years that these guys would do this.

I have a longstanding interest in all hominids, including us moderns. I gather this interest in physical characteristics and differences is called morphology. The Diva is interested in morphology too so I know I'm not kooky or anything.

Above is a half finished model of A. afarensis, dubbed "Alphie". Alphie didn't survive the most recent 'sculpture purge'. I think her terracotta remains are resting in a Michigan landfill. Her replacement is more than half finished, this time in Plastillina, a rubbery professional sculpting clay. Visible in the background is this model (below), which a few people have also seen before (sorry, it's a slow process).


  1. It's nice to know that being similar to someone who calls herself "The Diva" makes you non-kooky. (jk)

  2. Hi chas

    Yes Autism Diva is the litmus test for kookiness. If it turns red it's acidic, if it turns blue you're pregnant. Did I get that right? That was her original intent, to expose all the autism divas, the plastics, the hustlers among the autism glitterati. I think she's doing a fine job.

  3. Agreed re: Autism Diva. Definitely a favorite read of mine.


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