Thursday, October 19, 2006

Autism Circus

Like tabloid newspapers (or any newspaper), radio stations need public interest to keep producing. In the case of tabloids, if there isn't controversy or scandal or a hidden camera angle many readers or listeners won't pay attention. In the Autism Feeding Frenzy (TM), CFRB Radio joins CBC Radio and the National Post (and Autism Society Canada and so many others) in the quest for well crafted spectacle.

About her CFRB radio interview and "autism spectacle" Estee Klar writes: "I was also told that this wasn't going to be a phone-in and I was the only person being interviewed about The Joy of Autism: Redefining Abiltiy and Quality of Life event"

As in this recent TMoB post ("Does television cause autism?") it seems media organizations *do* cause autism. At least the horrific, life-destroying, spectacular kind of autism.

In the Autism Circus spectacle is paramount. Disagree and you'll be fed to the lions.


  1. I just now figured out what CFRB is. For anyone else puzzled, it's the call-letters for a talk-news radio station in Canada.

    Carry on. :-)

  2. Thanks for the catch, AD. Sadly I didn't hear Estee's interview on CFRB. In the three minutes I listened to their streaming audio (a day earlier) I heard the host mention the Famous People Players and thought his tone (hence the station's tone) was very upbeat about disabilities. Apparently Ms Motts will have none of that for autistics. I wonder if any of CFRB's staff have been reprimanded for confusing disabilities. "The first person who sounds chipper about autism gets fired."

  3. Yes, that was a tripple comment (the first two deleted), apologies to anyone who's signed up for comments and got all three. I thought I knew html, didn't know quotation marks are required in comment URLs.


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